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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 12:48:55 -0500
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I am in communication with Professor Wolf Moskovich and he has asked
me to inform the group of the following:

The Yiddish conference will be a professional academic one and will
extend over two days, not 10.

Funds have been raised and Professor Moskovich is presently working on
the program. The organizing committee is still deciding whether to
include a concert and entertainment events, but a tour of shtetlekh in
Bucovina and Galicia will certainly be included.

I will keep you posted on developments regarding the Yiddish
Conference as I learn about them.

Alti Rodal

On 26-Feb-08, at 6:26 AM, E. & G. Weissmann wrote:

> Have been informed from Czernowitz about the Yiddish Conference Mimi
> mentioned recently.
> It is to take place in Czernowitz from 20-30 August 2008 and is
> organized by a Prof. Wolf Moskowitz, who teaches at the university
> in Jerusalem. There was a Yiddish conference at Beit Hatefusot in
> 2000, also organized, amongst others, by Mr. Moskowitz. If you
> google down his name ( in para. 2), you will find a beautiful text
> in Yiddish (Hardy will love it, and so did we) regarding this past
> conference.
> Natalia Schweteschenko is apparently in the picture, but to date has
> not (?) informed the CZ-List. It is rather intriguing that this plan
> has not yet been made public by
> any organizers, as if we should be excluded from assisting or
> participating. We showed our interest in the subject quite early
> last year.
> Florence, you probably know him and maybe you can find out more. I
> imagine it will be a purely academic/linguistic conference. In 10
> days one can expect a lot
> of lectures and lecturers who will come from abroad, or even Ukraine.
> Best regards to all,
> Gabriele
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