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After successful performances in New York and Washington last year,
the program of Yiddish songs by composers and poets from Czernowitz
will be presented in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Asya Vaisman
Der sod fun mayn hartsn - The secret of my heart
Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Czernowitz Conference and
600th Anniversary of Czernowitz
Program details at http://dersod.googlepages.com

Presented by YUNG YiDiSH (http://www.yiddish.co.il/html/events.htm)

THURsday evening, January 3
at 8.30 pm at YUNG YiDiSH JERUSALEM
Jerusalem Rehov Yermiyahu 52, Romema, Jerusalem [35-50 NIS]

SATurday evening, January 12
at 8.30 pm at YUNG YiDiSH TEL AVIV
New Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv - 5th Floor - Studio 5008 [35-50 NIS]
Mitkham Haomanim (One Floor above KAROV Theatre and Miklat209)
Tel : 03/6874433

Asya Vaisman was born in Chernovtsy in 1983 and lived in Moscow before moving
to the US in 1991. She received her BA in Yiddish from Barnard College, and she
is currently writing her PhD dissertation on the Yiddish songs of
Hasidic women at
Harvard University. Asya has composed music to the lyrics of several Yiddish
poets; one of her songs recently appeared as the title track on the CD Shtile
Trit of the Munich klezmer band, Massel-Tov. Asya has performed with
the Columbia and Harvard Klezmer Bands and at various Yiddish and Klezmer
workshops and festivals around the world, including Weimar, St.Petersburg,
and Jerusalem.


Yankl Meilach
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