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My mother came from a Bukovina village, but in '36 married a Romanian
where she went to live, survived the war and where I was born.

All her life, my mother and I spoke German with each other, but with my
father, she and I always spoke Yiddish. By the time I started Romanian
school, my mother had already taught me also English in which she was
fluent. Many of the wealthy land-owners had English governesses for
their children, from whom she learned and with whom she was always
conversing in English.

I started in a Jewish primary school after the Russians liberated us in
our Romanian town and I learned to read and write in Yiddish, Hebrew and
French. Before finally settling in Australia in '49, I spent 18months in
Italy with Italian and Latin languages in the Jewish school in Milano.

Whenever we travelled in Europe, between my husband's Czech background
and mine, we cover most languages,- the latin and slavic ones. Sadly,
English has overtaken most languages internationally and our children
find no need for any other language. As we are about to embark on a
return to Romania and to my mother's Bukovina, now Ukraine, with our son
and daughter next May, I think Ukrainian will have us stumped! Hopefully
even there, English will get us by, as I doubt that anyone still speaks
either German or Romanian,- or do they?

Malvina Malinek
Melbourne, Australia.

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