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Graphomans or not, the impression that the life there left on (or in) the
people is a phenomenon I can't explain. Look at the people in our group.
Mein Gott! "Die Stimme" and the "young" octogenarians running it. Look at me
(I left there at the age of 8), look at you. Zum Teufel noch ein Mal!
something must have been there.
Yosef Eshet (Jerry Wolf)

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> Czernowitzer are not only language wizards but also
> very compulsive writers.
> Every Czernowitzer I know has written a book or two.
> Almost all of them autobiographies.
> All tell their personal story set against the
> background of Czernowitz in the period between the
> World Wars.
> The stories differ only in the personal touch, the historic
> facts are the same.
> For writing you require 3 essential requirements:
> 1. A story
> 2. Talent
> 3. Language
> The story is always set in prewar Czernowitz ,ending in
> the post holocaust period in the new places where they settled.
> Talent - well , Czernowitzer are very talented people -
> they can write books as good as anybody.
> Language - most of these books appear in English.
> Not that Czernowitzer are big masters of the English language,
> rivalling Dickens or Shaw but simply due to the fact that they
> are not able to write in their mother tongue - Czernowitzer German.
> It appears that today there are more Czernowitz autobiographies
> than Czernowitz survivors for most have written more than one
> book.
> Some are fascinating narrations ,well written - others are not
> . How is the printing financed ? Mostly by the authors.
> Who buys these books ? Czernowitzer old timers ?
> They know the story , they will not spend time and money
> to hear other people's stories.
> If they had the time they would rather write another book.
> An autobiography ?
> You betS
> Hardy
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