[Cz-L] Listserv technology v blog?

From: Helene Ryding <hryding_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 11:17:31 -0500
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Dear Czernowitzers and others following this list

As someone trying to trace my father's history (it seems he grew up
in Czernowitz before the First World War but moved to Brussels
between the wars and the UK after the Second World War) I am finding
it fascinating to receive these bulletins regularly.

However, this listserv technology is really old fashioned and makes
it difficult to follow the discussion. Could I suggest that it would
be a great improvement to move to a blog format, where the comments
could be added directly to the original subject matter, it is easier
to add photos etc, search the archives etc. It would still be
possible to send out an email newsletter with regular updates.

It seems there is quite a lot of collaborative working going on, and
it would be good to see it all in more or less the same place for
easy access.

I am happy to help if people agree this is a good idea.

Lest anyone think I am some young techie, I am 60 and you can find my
own blog together with pages of photos of my father in Czernowitz and
Brussels here:

Dr Helene Ryding
UK Mobile: +44 7738116899
Georgia Mobile +995 (8) 95 210 215
Email work: hryding_at_yahoo.co.uk
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