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From: Marcia Hasson-Axblad <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 19:30:01 -0500
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Dear List:

I just looked at all the newly revised modules for the presentation and all
I can say is WOW!.... and my heart is breaking. I was particularly touched
by the tribute to Mayor Popovici.

Until recently I didn't know where my grandfather came from. His
naturalization papers said he came from Romania and I just didn't feel
Romanian. After some research I found that he was from Czernowitz and is
buried with the Czernowitz Society in NY. I'd like to thank all member of
this list for helping me to understand what my roots are..and how deep these
roots are.

That said....I was wondering if there is a place on Jerome's website or even
in the presentation for pictures and documents of people who left
Czernowitz--i.e.: Ellis Island documents,naturalization papers, pics of
people newly arrived from Czernowitz in their new countries.

Marcia Hasson-Axblad
grandaughter of David Charles (nee Chajes)
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