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Hi all,
I am subscribed to the list for some years now and read and enjoy the
information on it.

I know a few people on the list research and know the town of Solca,
I don't believe I asked the list before about Solca, So I do now.

My Grandparents are from Solce, My father was born there. My
grandmother maiden name is Gaster, her mother maiden name is
Sharfshtein. My grandmother married Shmil Zanvil Zollinger from
Suceava and they stayed and lived in Solca till they were deported to

My grandmother's sister married Michael Bauer also from Solca.

Her brother Joseph Gaster and his wife Rachel disappeared while
traveling from Solca to Chernovitz during those rough times of
1941-1942, no one know what happen to them, if they are dead or alive
or where they are buried.

Since it is such a small village it is hard to find information on
it. Do you have any good links or resources or other data about Solce
between the years 1900-1945? names, pictures, anything?
I have a few pages of records from the Suceava registry that I got
 from a romanian researcher with My grandmother birth record as well
as her sister and brother, all registered by her father who then died
in WW I.

The only other site I found was Joe Poras site

Thanks in advance

Yossi Zur

Haifa, Israel


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