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 Hi Group,
For all those who will be going to visit T. Popovici's tomb (there are a
 here are a few facts related to the place:

 Fundul Moldovei is positioned off the E576 Highway joining
    Suceava and Bistritza. ( Bukovina and Transylvania).
     It crosses the Carpathian Mountain range that at this location
      has peaks of up to 1600m altitude .
        It has a few mountain passes , among them the Tihutza Pass
         that crosses the Baragau (or Birgau valley) or Borgo , as
           it was known in the west. The pass is 1200 m high
         and has no serpentines.
            It is not the St Gotthard .
This much for Geography.
          Now lets talk Dracula.
          Bram Stoker ,who wrote his famous novel Dracula ,looked
            for a location for his Vampire Count.
             The story of Vlad Tzepes , the cruel impaler was there ,
           the name Vlad Dracul (the devil) also , all he needed
            was a location .
              In 1897 when he wrote the novel . Eastern Europe
            and Walachia were not a very much known
             and he could let his phantasy go free.
               Then , looking at the map he found the Borgo Pass.
               Dracula - Borgo Pass ! This sounded good!
                  So he put the Castle of Dracula in the Borgo pass.
               There it was to stay in eternity.
                     In 1997 they built a big new hotel: the Dracula Castle
                      in the Tihutza Pass..
                  So if you are there , and hear wolves howling in moonless
                nights , shut the windows and dream of Bela Lugosi.
                  Have a nice trip

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