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Dear Bruce,
   The Museum will be established with or without our participation.
 So we really mustn't worry about this.
    Our list , as a list, will not participate.
     The seed ,of which you speak ,will be planted anyhow.
       We , as a list , show our dismay.
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> Dear CZ List,
> I write today to address the question in front of us all; to have a
> museum, or not?
> While some will look at the cup half empty, today I look at the cup half
> full. It has taken these six decades since the end of The War to have a
> trace of Jewish culture in Czernowitz. A museum that hopefully will show
> all who care to see, a snapshot of the highly developed Jewish community,
> that once enveloped half the population of the city. This to me, siginfies
> a giant step forward.
> While it is true that denying the holacaust denies the tragic events that
> expain the lack of a Jewish community today, what about tomorrow? If we
> have come to this point, where the city fathers value our history enough
> to establish this museum, might they not see fit later ( a year, a
> decade), to expand it to include the later history.
> This museum may be the seed, which will later grow to include the full
> tree. Without the seed, there is nothing.
> We should?write the letters to show our dismay at the lack of including
> the shoah, and make it plain that we believe this distorts, and denies the
> truth, but I think, that we should plant this seed in the hopes that our
> continued vigilance and involvement will have an effect on the city
> fathers in the future.
> Bruce Wexler
> Jackson, NJ

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