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Dear Mrs. Leibovitz,
I remember there was a bakery on the Brauhausgasse but not at No. 66. It
must have been much "higher", closer to the Siebenbuergerstrasse. Also, I
am not sure whether the information you got about the selling of the bakery
after return from Transnistria is factually correct. As far as I remember,
after Transnistria, there was no private property anymore, because the
Soviets immediately upon their return expropriated all private
businesses/properties. It must have been perhaps before 1940.
 After Transnistira I was already 18 years old.
All the best, Abraham Kogan

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> Hi,
> I do not know to whom this will go but here are some of my curricula:
> My name is Elvira Schaffer. My mother's name was Sophie Engler, father
> David Schaffer. He died in Israel.
> My grandfather from my father's side had a bakery in Czernovitz,
> Razboiene 66 (Brauhausgasse)
> This bakery was sold to Kelmer who became my first husband after he came
> back from Transniestra.
> While the Germans were in Romania our street was in the Ghetto.
> I went to Romanian school. Later for 2 years when the Russian came I
> went to Russian school.
> The Romanian repatriated my grandfather from my mother's side (he was
> once a Sef de Gara) employee back to Romania and so we ended up in
> Timisoara. (when Czernovitz became Russia)
> After this we lived in Timisoara till we immigrated to Israel.
> I had a son; Boris Kelmer who died recently in Edmonton, Canada.
> I live now here and have 3 grandchildren.
> I had no contact with anyone since my mother, father and many relatives
> died out.
> I met Gerta Wingert in Paris many years ago and stayed in contact with
> her.
> I do have a cousin who lives in New York her name is Gerda Chester.
> And a cousin in Afula, Israel, Roland Kimelman.
> I was 11 or 12 years old when all this happened. I did not go to any
> Lager.
> I seldom think about the things or times and the many happenings. It is
> now the first time that I think back.
> I got married again and now my name is; Elvira Leibovitz.
> If you think that there is anyone who can remember my family or me I
> would be grateful.
> I am 75 years old.
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