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From: Ethel Tillinger <>
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 05:35:07 +1100
To: Miriam Taylor <>
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Dear Mimi and list members
I agree wholeheartedly with accepting Mr. Zissel's decision of
having" one wall in the Jewish museum dedicated to the events of the
Holocaust as experienced by the Jews of Czernowitz" and would also
like the questions Mimi asks to be addressed. I'd also like to
support the three points Mimi makes about the "contents" of the wall
On 04/04/2008, at 10:10 PM, Miriam Taylor wrote:

> Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>
> I agree with Bruce that it would be advisable to come to a
> consensus opinion about this issue and Bruce, as the moderator
> of our list could then inform Ms. Lenchowska.
> I am in favor of accepting Mr. Zissel's decision of having
> one wall in the Jewish museum dedicated to the events of the
> Holocaust as experienced by the Jews of Czernowitz.
> I have some questions and/or reservations about some of what
> Ms. Lenchowska wrote us. I am puzzled by her writing:
>>> For the exhibition planned to be opened in summer one of the walls
>>> was supposed to be devoted to the beginning of Diaspora, now it is
>>> reconsidered to be for deportation and begin of Holocaust.
> What does she mean by "beginning of the holocaust"?
> What I think we should insist on, is that from the time that
> the museum opens and as long as there is no other Jewish museum
> in Chernivtsi, one wall in one room of the museum, be devoted
> 1. The political events of 1940-1944 and their consequences
> on the Jews of Czernowitz, detailed in facts and figures.
> 2. Copies of documents issued by the Rumanian authorities
> during WW2, exemplifying the discriminatory laws against Jews.
> 3. Photographs showing Jews wearing the yellow star, photographs
> of the ghetto or the deportations to Transnistria and photographs
> of Jews as they returned from Transnistria.
> I think that members of this list will be able to provide all
> the appropriate material for this one wall of the museum.
> If Mr. Zissels accepts these conditions, I suggest we cooperate
> to the best of our abilities in supplying material for the whole
> exhibition.
> Mimi
> Miriam Reifer Taylor
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