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Today the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) aired an interview with
John Felstiner a biographer of Paul Celan. It was extraordinary for me
anyway, to hear Felstiner read his translations of several Celan poems
and discuss the life and times of the poet. Czernowitz was mentioned
quite a few times. The interview will be available to download as an
mp3 podcast on Monday this coming at:


Thus, tomorrow, you should be able to download the interview and play
it on your computer. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.


Abstracted frome the cbc.ca website:

Go to our 'Audio' page to listen to any of the following interviews.
The audio link will appear on the Monday following the Sunday

6 April 2008: John Felstiner on Paul Celan*

Writers & Company is pre-empted from Ontario east for the Juno
Songwriters' Circle. In the rest of the country, we’ll celebrate =
Poetry Month with a conversation about Paul Celan. Eleanor Wachtel
talks to John Felstiner about his engaging study of Europe’s most =
compelling post-war poet, Paul Celan. Also, you’ll hear the voice o=
Celan himself reading from his most famous work, Deathfuge.

Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew is published in paperback by Yale
University Press.

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