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Dear Czernowitzer'

When I visited the Beit-Hatfozot museum in Tel-Aviv in 1993, I vas surprised
that the Romanian Jewry, in an absolutely manner, is not mentioned in any
The museum deputy director had explained me: the reason is do not make angry
the Ceausescu's regime!
This position meet also the official Israeli point of view because the
Holocaust is in Israel a MONOPOL of the polish Jewry.



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The idea of creating a museum to showcase the cultural heritage
of Jewish Czernowitz, whether in the US, Israel or any other country
has great appeal. But I think it is a dream which is unlikely to be
fulfilled. What is a much more likely alternative, is to add a
Czernowitz section, either to Beit-Hatfozot or the the Museum
of German speaking Jewry, both in Israel.

We should consider this option from a number of points of view:

1. Where in the world is the greatest concentration of Czernowitzers?
2. Whom do we intend to educate and influence through such an exhibition?
3. Where are there already museums dealing with similar subjects?
4. Where would we preferably want to support a museum financially?

Please respond with your ideas and suggestions,


Miriam (Reifer) Taylor
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