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Dear Czernowitzer,

I would greatly appreciate your help to find a descendant of PEPI BLUM,or
related Zuckermann/Kalb family who maybe could give me information about my
grandmother's sister.

In 1956 Pepi Blum submitted following Pages of Testimony in Yad Vashem:
- father,Moshe Zuckerman born 1882 in Czernowitz to Yosef.Moshe was a
 -mother Klara Zuckerman(born Engler)1880 in Czernowitz to Yakoov and Sara.
 -brother Natan Zuckerman born1911 in Czernowitz to Moshe and Klara.Natan
was a physician.
 -sister in law (my grandmother's sister) Khana,born Merdler,1907 in
Czernowitz.Chana(Ana,Nuta)was a chemist and she had a son Josef. Josef was
five years old when deported.

I also would like to clarify why my grandmother's sister was known under the
name of Zuckermann.From what I know from my grandmother and other family
members her husband's last name was Kalb.This is also stated on another
Page of Testimony submitted by a cousin of her.
I also want to know where the camp Ladajin was located.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

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