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I sent Dr. Florence Heyman a set of CZ-related photos to see which ones
might be of interest for the museum. Among those pictures, was a group
picture of five young men, including my father Alexander Schaechter of
blessed memory -- as are all the others in the photo since Alex died 15
years ago at age 88 1/2.

My father put a note on the picture which reads "Jewish Academic Fraternity,
Heatid = Zukunft, Czernowitz = Cernauti, Austria/Romania". The picture was
taken in 1927 and there is handwriting on the border "ST. M. 1927" or "ST.
M. 1927".

On the back of the photo are the names of the five people sitting and
standing in the group. They are: Weinstein, Landman, Alex [Schaechter, my
father], Medilanski, and Krau. No first names except for Alex. From the
order of the names, I guess the standing men are [left to right] probably
Weinstein, Landman, and Alex [the only one I know]. If this assumption is
valid, the people sitting probably are Medilanski and Krau

I'm sending the image to Jerome for posting so you can look at the picture.
I know we had a Peter Medilanski at CZ 2006 so perhaps someone will know at
least one of the others. Was he a relation? Does anyone know any of the
other men ? Name of the "academic fraternity ? Mysteries all to me.

[*the picture is at: http://czernowitz.ehpes.com/new/temp/wolf-a.jpg -moderator j]

wolfgang schaechter
981 wood duck court
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