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Dear list members,

I was in Vilnius (Vilna), Lithuania in June of 2006.
While there, the group toured the the Holocaust Museum,
where we learned that Vilnius' Jewish population had before
World War II, totaled 100,000, about forty-five percent of the city's total.

The museum is housed in a tiny, wooden house and is jammed with
posters, photographs, documents, all sorts of material. Yes, it's
awfully crowded, but it exists and the very tiny Jewish community of Vilnius
is proud of it. Plans are underway to move the museum to larger premises,
but it hasn't materialized yet and the date and location of this proposed
move is indeterminate.

My two cents' worth is that, as small the space is that the Czernowitz
museum may have, it can still reflect the rich history of the Jewish
community that flourished before WWII.

It is a beginning. And that is a real accomplishment in itself.

Merle Kastner
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