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From: Arthur von Czernowitz <>
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 17:01:14 +0300
To: Zev Cohen <>
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Dear Zev
There is a problem, your sister was born before your mother?
Sister born September 1939?
Your mother born December 1939?

I read your sad story which touched my heart and made me cry.
It reminded me of my families history.

Arthur Rindner

Zev Cohen wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> My name is Zev Cohen. I've been following the ebb and flow of he list for
> some time and treasure it all. I would like to come in with a personal
> request.
> My late mother Rosa Cohen whose maiden name was Wariten was born in
> Czernowitz in December 1939. My sister Miriam (Mia) was born there in
> September 1939 less than a month after the war broke out. She now lives in
> Canada. Since my mother died at the young age of 51, I know very
> little about her life in Czernowitz, our family there and her survival
> during he Holocaust. My sister, who went through the Holocaust years as a
> baby and small child, remembers nothing and was also told very little by our
> mother.
> I do know that my maternal grandmother Batsheva (Sheive) was a widow when
> the war broke out. Apart from my mother she had a son named Jasha and a
> daughter Chana. My mother's first marriage in Czernowitz was to Lazar
> Pollack, a ladies' tailor. My Aunt Chana escaped from Czernowitz with a
> group of Komsomol youth following the retreating Red Army in the direction
> of Vinitsa and onward into Russia. Contact was lost with her and all efforts
> to locate her since then were fruitless. My Uncle Jasha was exiled to
> Siberia by the Russians, apparently in 1941, during their occupation of
> Czernowitz. We also never heard from him again and do not know of his fate.
> My mother and her husband, my sister as well as my grandmother were expelled
> from Romania in 1942 and reached the town of Zalischiki (in Poland at the
> time). The husband managed to escape and return to Czernowitz. When it was
> reoccupied by the Red Army he was recruited and disappeared. Some of his
> relatives including his mother reached the States after the war. My
> grandmother was murdered in Zalishchiki by the Germans. My mother and sister
> were forced or managed to escape to a town called Melnica and from there
> reached the Borschow ghetto. There they met my father (Rosa and he
> eventually married in Israel in 1948), who was born in the nearby village
> of Wolkowce, and together escaped, crossed the Dniester River and reached
> Czernowitz. Their ways parted in there. My mother apparently worked for a
> time at a factory called BACAUL S.A.R. Fabrica Sistematica De Tesaturi de
> Lana in Bacau. In 1947 she and Mia made their way through war ravaged Europe
> to a displaced persons (DP) camp in Vienna and from there to a DP camp in
> Landsberg am Lech, Germany. In 1948, after being located by my father
> through the Red Cross, they came to the newly established State of Israel.
> That is the extremely condensed version of a terrible and heroic journey,
> one of countless other Jewish odysseys.
> I would be extremely grateful for any information shedding light on
> my mother's life and family in Czernowitz. I'm planning to visit Czernowitz
> and the area north of the Dniester where my father and his family came from
> (Wolkowce-Borschow).
> Warmest regards,
> Zev
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