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Dear Florentin,

We, former residents of Czernowitz, owe our lives to the good deeds
of Traian Popovici. We therefore appreciate and support the intentions
and efforts of the "Traian Popovici Association for Education, democracy
and tolerance". I will write what I remember of that time and send
the testimony to you.

I have been able to ascertain that the commemorative plaque to
the memory of Traian Popovici, will be placed on the building in which
he lived in Cernauti.
The inscription will be in Ukrainian and Rumenian, possibly also
in German or English.
But unfortunately, the unvailing of the plaque, will have to be
earlier than October 17th. It will take place sometime between
Aug. 17th and Aug. 24th. This is when the festivities for the
600 year anniversary are scheduled to take place.

I hope you will understand, that this is not my decision,
but the decision of people who do decide on such things in Chernivtsi.

Best regards,


Quoting lehaci florentin <>:

> Dear Czernowitzers,
> My name is Florentin Lehaci and I am a history teacher in Romania. I
> am also the president of "Traian Popovici Association for Education,
> democracy and tolerance", composed in majority from teachers, which
> was created few months ago. This organization proposes itself to
> promote Traian Popovici's involve. Perhaps, you have heard about this
> organization, because I have corresponded more with Hardy Breier and
> Cora Scwartz.
> First, I want to appreciate your initiative to put up a commemorative
> plaque to Traian Popovici in Czernowitz. I have read with a great
> interest your discussion about this plaque. I hope that it will be
> achieved. But I have a proposal. I request also from you an
> involvement in my projects. I know that some of you (or your family)
> are survivors thanks to Traian Popovici. I dare to contact you with
> the desire to collaborate, trying to realize together a common goal:
> the popularization of the Traian Popovici's implication for the
> diminution of the Holocaust effects. I hope you agree with this
> aspect and you will help me for this because I need you. I have been
> looking for someone who survived thanks to mayor Traian Popovici. I
> need more testimonies. Please, reply me if you can give me some
> details about you and what you remember about ghetto, Traian Popovici
> and anything would help me in connection with these aspects. I want
> to know that I'm trying to arrange a museum place into school about
> Traian Popovici and the Holocaust from Bukowina. My school will be
> named in this autumn "Traian Popovici school"
> The headoffice of the Association is in Fundu Moldovei, Suceava
> district, a village in which there is Traian Popovici's tomb. We wish
> we would built him a bust in the nearly future. In October, this
> year, we are going to organize, in connection with The Holocaust
> Survivors Association, Ellie Wiesel Institute from Bucharest and
> Jewish Federation from Romania, a symposium in Cimpulung Moldovenesc
> about Holocaust and Traian Popovici.
> We think that it is important that your Czernowitz community to be
> involved in my Association project. The success of the manifestation
> depends on the gratitude of those who benefited by his implication
> too.
> So that I think that a connection between events would give more
> importance to commemoration. Would be possible to organize the events
> together? Don't forget that Traian Popovici's birthday is on 17th
> October!!!! So that I propose you to organize together the events,
> both putting up of the plaque and the symposium from Cimpulung. The
> both events would be parts of the same festivity. And you could take
> part in the both events (who was going to come in Czernowitz this
> year)!!!!! What do you think about it?
> Best wishes,
> Teacher Lehaci Florentin
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