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Dear Czernowitzers,

I met yesterday with Josef Zissels and some of our discussion
was about materials he would like us to help furnish the museum.
all and any Jewish- Czernowitz related objects are needed,
some would be displayed in the rooms set aside for the museum,
others woul be kept for study, in rooms set aside for this purpose,
on the second floor of the former Kultus-Gemeinde.

I have previously sent Natalya Shevchenko copies of 1941-43 documents,
which are evidence of the holocaust and I will send her more, but
if anyone has the original documents and is willing to part with them,
these would be welcome.

If Marianne and Florence agree, they could take these items with them
when they travel to Czernowitz.

Other specific items needed are:
original editions of:

Eliezer Steinbarg's book of fables,
Itzig Manger's poems.
Selma Meerbaum's poems.

If no one can supply these, I will make copies of these books
and send them to him.

Also needed are photographs of Reder sculptures or other work of art.
I will write to some of you with requests for particular items.

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