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From: i vaisman <>
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 20:18:03 -0400
To: Jordan Bernhard <>
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 Travel via Kiev is usually cheaper (larger market, more airlines).
 From Kiev there is a flight to Chernovtsy (~$120 RT, Aerosvit
Airlines) on a small Soviet-era turboprop plane (I'm not sure if I
would recommend it). Alternatively, there is a fairly comfortable
train from Kiev to Chernovtsy, but it takes 15 hours (price is $40 RT
in a sleeping compartment - "kupe", linen included). This train (#59,
Kiev-Sofia) departs from Kiev at 3:40 pm, arrives to Chernovtsy at
6:20 am).

 There is a limited number of flights to Lviv (via Frankfurt, Vienna,
Warsaw and Kiev). From Lviv one can take a train #76, Lviv-Chernovtsy,
which departs at 10:46 pm, arrives at 3:50 am, and costs $20 RT for a
sleeping compartment seat.

 There are also buses from Kiev and Lvov, don't know if it is a good
option. Another possibility is to arrange for a car with a driver,
which will come from Chernovtsy to either Kiev or Lvov airport to pick
you up and drive back to Chernovtsy. I don't know what would be the
current price for this, but I think it's not exorbitant.

Iosif Vaisman

On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 7:17 PM, Jordan Bernhard <> wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a more efficient way to get to Chernivtsi from the US?
> Assuming I route through Europe, I know I can fly a segment from Vienna to
> L'viv, stay the night if necessary and then take the daytime train for the
> 5-hour trip to CZ. (I once heard that rail service between L'viv and Vienna
> is in the works, too.) Comments?
> Another possibility is to route via Kiev, stay the night if necessary and
> catch the one relatively inexpensive flight direct to CZ on AeroSvit
> Ukranian Airlines (which uses non-Soviet equipment). Again, comments?
> Thanks,
> Jordan Bernhard
> Los Angeles
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