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From: Richard M. Weiner <>
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 21:14:40 -0400
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Dear Mimi,
if there is interest I could send you for the
Czernowitz museum some photos of my parents and
myself from the years 1920-1945 . Some of these
have just been published in my scientific
autobiography "Analogies in Physics and Life",
World Scientific. Among the photos there are also
two ghetto ID cards with the yellow star (of my father and myself).
The first three chapters of the book refer to the
period 1930-1945. I attach a summary
of these chapters and a flyer of the book.

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Best wishes

Richard M. Weiner
Philipps-Universitšt, Marburg,
Laboratoire de Physique Theorique, Univ.

Mailing Address: 112 Avenue Felix Faure, F-75015,

At 17:49 17.04.2008, you wrote:
>Dear Czernowitzers,
>In her letter of April 9th, Anna Lenchovska wrote:
> > For creation of this wall devoted to the Holocaust period we need
> > authentic documents: orders, photographs, letters etc.
> > Such authentic documents are crucial for the museum as a museum and no=
> > just a classroom exhibition. Josef Zissels and Natalia Shevchenko high=
> > appreciate your willingness to provide us with such documental sources
> > and contacts to obtain them.
>Natalya Shevchenko asked that all material for inclusion in the museum,
>be scanned at high resolution (about 300 p.s.).
>Please, everyone who has suitable authentic documents, orders, photographs=
>letters, etc., please scan them at high resolution and E-mail them to me.
>I will put them on a disc and send them to Natalya.

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