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Hi everybody
The Antonov 24 is a Soviet era turboprop that is prevalent in ex-Soviet bloc
and third world countries. It was designed to operate in rugged conditions
and as such was simply and sturdily built. It has a pretty abysmal safety
record, not necessarily due to any inherent design or construction flaw but
because of bad maintenance and a sub-standard aviation environment in many
of the countries where it is flown. In any case it is far below the
standards of comfort, noise reduction, etc. acceptable nowadays. Aerosvit,
the Ukrainian airline that uses the AN 24 on its daily flights from Kiev to
CZ, has, as far as I know, a good safety and maintenance record (I've flown
on their relatively new B-737's from Tel Aviv to Kiev and plan to do so
again in July. Personally though I try to avoid Soviet era aircraft
anywhere, especially when there are alternatives. They just don't inspire

Zev Cohen
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