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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 07:11:56 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Dear Eytan and all members of this list,

I think that it would be very appropriate to have part of Traian Popovici's
declaration on a plaque commemorating this man and his acts, but since this
will be a plaque affixed to a building in use, the plaque cannot be too big
and the inscription you suggest is longer than would fit on a suitable size.

I have another idea; we could suggest to Josef Zissels that Traian
Popovici's declaration be copied and displayed at the museum.

Could anyone point me to how I could find Traian Popovici's autobiography
and declaration in the original Romanian version as well as in tanslation?

On my recent visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, I was sad to
find that Traian Popovici was given relatively little attention. I mean to
write them and make some suggestions.
Here goes Mimi again, fighting the windmills.

Best regards,



> I snipped the pieces of text, below, from the online Silverbush translation
> of Popovici's "My Declaration." I wonder if there might be reason to consider
> integrating Popovici's own 'voice' through such words, in the plaque. I find
> them inspiring:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------
> "I said that we, a small people should not let ourselves get entangled in
> racial hatred. I pointed out the merits of the Jews, their worthwhile
> contribution to the development of the economy of the land, their culture and
> accomplishments and I protested in my own name in my capacity as mayor of
> against
> this act."
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------
> "As witness to the experience of that moment, I call upon all those who
> survived the torment of persecution and stood in hope for a better world,
> next to
> me."
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------
> Or maybe someone else can suggest an even better selection from his words.
> Eytan Fichman

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