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A big thank you to all of you who have been forwarding details on Popovici. I have explained to some of you that I need to practice discipline and finish work that is precommitted, which will take several weeks.

In my enthusiasm for this project, I forgot about the other stuff and now need to get back to it.

It was all the discussion on the plaque that prompted me to think that Popovici deserves more than a plaque. A statue would be more in keeping, and following that train of thought inspired me to plan a film on him. Now that I read that most of Romania doesn't know about him, this becomes more imperative. A film can put him on the global map.

Whichever of you finds any data about his formative years and his family, please share it because the film needs it and it will be of interest to the entire group - as well as to all outsiders who happen to find this site. For the time being I'll devote 60-90 mintes per day absorbing and filing whatever comes along and once I get caught up, I'll get started on the film.

All the best,
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