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I was saddened to learn today from his daughter of the death of Dr.
Jean Ancel in Jersualem on April 30. Dr. Ancel, an independent
scholar associated with Yad Vashem, was one of the leading historians
in the world on the Holocaust in Romania. Among his best known and
most influential publications was the comprehensive "Documents
Concerning the Fate of Romanian Jewry during the Holocaust
" (published by Yad Vashem), a massive three volume edition of
"Transnistria, 1941-1942" (a history and extensive collection of
primary documents, translated into English and published by TelAviv
University), as well as an important article on "Antonescu and the
Jews" published in Yad Vashem Studies. He was also one of five
Israeli representatives to an international commission that was set up
to investigate all elements pertaining to the Holocaust against
Romanian Jewry. His personal knowledge of the history of Romanian
Fascism and of Romanian anti-Semitism was unparalleled.

Leo Spitzer
Vernon Professor of History Emeritus
Dartmouth College
Visiting Professor of History
Columbia University
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