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Dear Flo,

You, Marriane, Leo and Cornel, you did a wonderful work, well done!! Hope=
it will be interesting and I am sure it will touch our soul. Thank you ver=
much for your efforts and your accomplishments. I have pictures of my
grandparents taken in the 19th century and the beginning of the twentieth=
century. I also have a picture of the Maccabi Football team from the 1930's=

I will be very happy to assist in this project.

 Yehudit Yerushalmi'
Rishon le Zion

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Report on trip to Chernivtsi

Dear friends,

This is a report on our trip to Chernivtsi to
discuss the Jewish museum. Leo, Florence and
Marianne arrived by air from Kiev and we want you
all to know that the flight on Aerosvit from Kiev
to Chernivtsi on the new Saab 340 plane was very
pleasant and totally unproblematic. We arrived
Tuesday May 27.


  The materials we
delivered are helpful but, as we said above, the
museum needs originals.

Marianne, Leo, Cornel, Florence
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