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More for you Cz'ers re my online Czernowitz exhibition:

1. Photographic Studios:

Because I have been sent some more studio photos taken in Czernowitz, I can
now say that there were even more studios that once existed there. I now
know of eight, though obviously not in business at the same time. Curiously
enough, this is the first time I've seen a woman's name attached to a
photographic studio. Rosalie Rosenhek was the name of the studio and perhaps
the photographer. Whether the photographer was her or not for this
photograph, I have no way of knowing. However, the studio photo of baby Lana
Todres was taken in 1907. The studio stood at what was then
Franz-Josefs-Platz no. 7, next to the Franz-Josef park.

Also more studio photos from the H. Ehrlich studio, as well as
Kleinberger's. www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/czernowitz-photo-studios.htm

Question: I have noticed in a number of photos, at the bottom, is written in
script in white letters: "Film-Foto: Splendide." These are generally photos
taken out-of-doors on the city streets. I don't think that this just means
that this is a photo shop that developed the photos. Did photo shops rent
out cameras and then develop the film and write their studio name at the
bottom? Did they take photos out-of-doors, let's say, in front of their shop
for people and then write their studio name on the bottom of the photo?
These photos were taken in the early thirties, so maybe some of you have
some idea of what I'm talking about.

2. Voices of Czernowitz

In addition to the already created page for Josef Schmidt, I have created a
page for Lana Todres. Though she was only part of a performance from the
Fleischer Singing School in 1928, she nevertheless took a very nice
photograph, and I have presented her photograph, along with an invitation to
the concert. It is now available for you to see:
This was a Kleinberger photograph.

3. School Photographs-More Identifications!

Irene Sandler has been so kind to identify some of those in your school
a. Safah Ivriyah Elementary School: She has identified the teacher and the
principal in the second grade photo.
b. She has identified by name "Tante Lea" at the Meislerschule.

4. Wedding Album

I now have eight wedding photos online and hopefully will be receiving two
more within the next few days. More are always welcome.

That is the update to the present. Nary a soul has come forth saying that
they have any audio or video, either as testimony or otherwise, that I may
use for this exhibition, which is a shame.
The exhibition could be that much more interesting if it had a multimedia
aspect and was interactive.

Lastly, I have created an alternate first page for my entire website, i.e.
not my online Czernowitz exhibition. You can either access it by clicking on
the words "alternate front page" at the top of the site's main page, or you
can click on www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/mfh.htm . Here you will first see
(perhaps it will 'fade in') a simple page with some wording and a photo of
Ellis Island. Just click on the word "enter" under the photo and the front
page will download and then appear.

At the bottom of this front page, as soon as the page is downloaded, a short
video clip of Jolson performing for the troops in WWII, comes on. Just a
warning if you have your speakers on......If you decide to visit this
alternate front page, please let me know how you think it compares to my
current front page (which will be staying online for the foreseeable
future.) Thanks.
By the way, my Czernowitz exhibition is not mentioned on this new front page
as it is a work-in-progress, but will be part of the front page at some


Steven Lasky
New York
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