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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

I did not mean to imply, that the Holocaust was tabooed in the museum.
Florence sent us an account of what would be included in
the museum displays and the holocaust is definitely included.
Florence wrote among others:

> The Holocaust display poses the greatest
> difficulties for the museum planners for a host
> of political, ideological and historical reasons.
> The display will focus on three periods: 1. the
> summer of 1941, the shootings by the Pruth, and
> the issue of various orders concerning Jews; 2.
> The formation of the ghetto, the deportations in
> 41 and 42, the issuing of authorizations to
> remain and the role of Popovici, and the
> dissolution of the ghetto; 3. Jewish life in
> Cernauti during the rest of the war years.
Evidently there will be a section about Popovici,
we just do not know what will be included.
If we want a plate or a plaque, we shall need Josef Zissels consent.


> Mimi,
> I had the impression that the Holocaust is no longer tabooed in the
> Museum.
> If it still is - we are back to square one.
> Hardy
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>> Dear Hardy and fellow Czernowitzers,
>> The plaque could be put in the museum, if Josef Zissels
>> will agree to this. Will he?
>> Possibly Marianne or Florence should contact him and ask.
>> When I met with him, he made it clear that HE MAKES ALL
>> the decisions regarding museum and Natalya does not.

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