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Dear Jerome and all member list,

I'm glad that you agree that 'all of the various
efforts to honour Popovici augment each other,
producing finally a whole which is greater than
the sum of it's parts'. This is my opinion, too.
I think that all initiatives must be segments of
the same events. The connection between events
 from Cz. and Fundu Moldovei could popularize more
Traian Popovici's implication. In this respect, I
think that the plaque must put up in a public
place, no into a museum. The movie, the site, the
plaque, the memorial and so on should be
consider the parts of only one event. In this
respect, I insist to broaden our vision
about the projects in connection with Traian

And now I want, with you permission, to offer you
some other details about my projects.

In Fundu Moldovei (the village where is Traian
Popovici's tomb) all began from a school project,
initiated by me, named “Holocaust: light for a
dark page of history" which is in progress at
this moment. This project proposes itself to
search the Holocaust history and to promote
Traian Popovici's implication in diminishing the
Holocaust effects. This was a little beginning
which developed itself more, today being possible
to speak about an Association in connection with
his name. This Association will try to make his
personality known by the following activities:

1. 1. Beginning with October this year,
Fundu Moldovei school will be named after his
name: School Dr. Traian Popovici.

2. 2. In this school there will be a museum
in which we intend to put all the documents,
pictures which are in connection with the
mayor's life. I am considering also to put the
testimonies of list members whose lives or family
member's lives were saved by Traian Popovici. If
it is possible and if your group detains
something else in connection with this you could
help me in this initiative. I want to thank
all who helped me till now.

3. 3. I hope to success in building a bust,
near the mayor's tomb, which is also next to the
school. A call-up about this project is asserted
by Holocaust Survivors Association from
Bucharest. At this moment this is my priority.

4. As you already know, In October there
will be organized in Campulung town (near Fundu
Moldovei) a symposium about the Holocaust in
Bukowina and Traian Popovici. We hope to be an
international symposium if I could also imply
other institutions which would be interested in
this event. However, Ellie Wiesel Institut from
Bucharest, Jewish Federation from Romania and
Holocaust Survivors Association accepted to be
partners of this project. Sincerely, I think that
Traian Popovici deserves more than it was done
till now, much more than just a plaque somewhere
in Cz. I appreciate the Jerome's initiative.

If Schindler is known for the popularization of
his salvation gesture, why would it not be
possible to do the same thing in relation with
Traian Popovici's involvement? For this it need
to make together efforts for the popularization
of our common projects. How do you think that we
could make o connection between all these

  I wish a long and efficient collaboration to
promote together a certain way of understanding
the tolerance values, as they were expressed by
dr. Traian Popovici.

Best regards,

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