[Cz-L] Need details of arrangements with sculptor about Popovici plaque

From: Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 10:05:31 -0400
To: Marianne Hirsch <mh2349_at_columbia.edu>, Leo Spitzer <ls2307_at_columbia.edu>, Florence Heymann <fheymann_at_crfj.org.il>, Cornel Fleming <cornel.fleming_at_virgin.net>
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Dear All,

In order to proceed with the Popovici plaque project,
I intend to get estimates from a number of artists/artisans,
In Chernivtsi and vicinity as well as in the US.
(a bronze plaque could be sent to Chernivtsi)
Hopefully, I will get a number of proposals, which may vary
in the material the plaque is made of, the exact design
and the cost. We could then vote on the most desirable proposal
and have the plaque made and mounted.

Before I contact other sculptors or engravers in Chernivtsi,
I need to be sure that Marianne, Leo, Florence and Cornel
made no binding arrangements with the sculptor Anatoly Piantkovski
himself and also not with the city administration, about him being
our artist/artisan of choice.

Do you, Marianne, Leo, Florence and Cornel have a copy
of the sketch he presented to you? Do you have a photograph
of any of his other works?

If you do, would you please send these to Jerome, so that they
could be put on the "ehpes" website for viewing.
(Jerome, I hope you will agree to this?)

Marianne, in your letter to the list of June 3rd, you wrote:

> We left it that
> we would report back to the group and that Maita would be our
> representative onsite. We told Anatoly that he would next hear
> from Maita.

Does that mean that we have to decide whether to accept
Anatoly Piantkovsky's proposal on the basis of the description
by Marianne in the same letter of June 3rd? Let Maita know
of our decision and she would inform him?

Best regards,




the sculptor Anatoly Piantkovsky. He came
back with a proposed sketch design and some price quotes. Bronze is
the most expensive. He suggested black basalt stone with a carved
text and an attractive subtle design, consisting of a border
representing lots of people on the street (to symbolize the many
saved) and also Popovici's signature, signaling the importance of a
signature in determining life or death. This, with our text (he
strongly urged us to cut it back significantly) would cost $1000. If
we added a carving of Popovici's face in bronze on the left corner (we
gave him all the photos we had ) it would come to $2500. We noted
that most memorial plaques in Chernvtsi have faces (eg Stainbarg,
Meerbaum-Eisinger, etc) but we feel that though this is definitely
part of the city's iconography, it is certainly not a requirement.
In any case, we would get to approve the design, this was just a sketch.

The problem with the conversations was that we could not speak for the
group. Nor are we an official organization anyway. We left it that
we would report back to the group and that Maita would be our
representative onsite. We told Anatoly that he would next hear from
Maita. If we authorize him in writing to do so, he can take care of
the entire permission process -- I would recommend that. I inquired
with Natalya and she told me he was trustworthy. He will certainly
need a retainer fee before going further. Joseph Zisses told me that
he himself is not in the position to oversee this project, since he
only goes to Chernivtsi once per month.
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