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As I told you (or did not), we came to Lvov one day earlier then the group
and stayed the night. We managed to see the town at evening and the next day
including climbing the hill at the north. No language was needed (nur
schtumschprache und geld) - sorry for both my English and German. In the
restaurants and coffee shops, they speak very good English. The town is
beautiful almost as Cz. but very dirty. In the center of the town (near an
old Palace of a Polish Prince) we entered to a train booking center and
managed (no language) to book our train tickets for the night train from
Lvov to Kiev and tickets to the night train from Kiev to Odessa. After the
reunion, arriving to Lvov with the buss, we stayed there until the evening.
Then, one of the visits we made to the very impressing Palace of the Graf
Pototzki. Today it is a cultural center (belongs to the town authorities).

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What was it like?
Teel me about staying in Lvov, how did you manage with language?


> At the last reunion I visited the residence of Graf Pototzki in Lvov.
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