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Hi Abraham, reden zu etc may be Yiddish but it is also the same in czernow=
itzer deutsch...and the expression is still in use in Vienna today...a frien=
d's wife used it a couple of months ago when i asked her if she had reminded=
 her husband of something i asked!!!!!cornel

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The expression was : Reden tzoo ihm is wi tzu reden zu der want.
Abraham K.
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My parents, Pearl Spiegel Fichman and Yehudi David Fichman, used to
laugh at the name Moishe Pinkepoyer (spelling?) but I can't remember if
they explained what was funny about it. Do any of you know? My father
used to use the expression, in English, 'talking to ___ is like talking
to a piece of wood' (or, sometimes, 'like talking to a stone'). I'm
imagining there was a Yiddish equivalent that this came from. Are any
of you able to confirm this? - Eytan
Eytan Fichman

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Why don’t you explain what a ZWIOK is and I hope you have your
BUKANTSHEN on as you are getting deeper in to BLOTE.


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