Re: [Cz-L] On Topic, Off Topic.

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 17:19:17 -0400
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Hi Hardy and Friends:

Just to add my two cents worth (not that I'm ever so quiet) but . . .

Hardy wrote:
>Every now and then we receive a post from the moderator saying:
>" ...your post is off topic and not submitted to the list... ".
> Topic meaning genealogy - looking for relatives from Czernowitz
> and surroundings.

That's not correct - the statement in the footer of every message
mentions History as well as Genealogy.

> Of current posts how many deal with this kind of topic ?
> One percent ? Maybe less. According to the archives the
> list exist since 2002 and has some 350 members.

Even prior to 2002, we had a less formal group of under 50 members.
We evolved from "Sadagorans United" (a very loosely used term),
created by Nick Martin and Carl Ulrich, into what we are today.

> All joined years ago and had their queries answered (or not).
> What kept them in the list ? Assisting others - if they can.
> What else ? Other issues - all off topic.
> As stated before if we kept to the rule the trafic on the
> Ehpes would be very,very low.
> What fills the space ? Subjects like:
> Museums
> Popovici
> Cemetery
> Yiddish
> Cooking
> Books
> Book keeping
> Travel advice
> Krenwurstel
> Lokshen
> A Babes a Zwiok

Except for the last three on the list perhaps, the rest are
appropriate for the category of History.

> and other matters that make life interesting
> and we like discussing, related to
>Czernowitz ,but not only.
                  Filter these out and what have you got ?

In my opinion, lists work best when they focus on list topics. I try
to use my best judgement in keeping out any negative personal
remarks, and keeping posts on topic. I try to be lenient. I must
have misjudged the topic of Yiddish, as it has evoked such a great
response, and I truly enjoy especially those aspects that relate to
Yiddish in Bukowina. But our rockiest times as a list have been when
discussions got onto things like Mormon baptisms of deceased Jews,
and the like. We then decided to become a moderated list. When we
get off topic, I'm the one that gets the private messages asking to
cancel subscriptions, or asking to stay on topic. Though we've had
several resign from the list in the past 2 weeks, I've received no
complaints, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the posts, too. So thanks
for airing your views and keeping the discussions alive and active.

I hope you won't mind my occasional posts on genealogy . . . :-)


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