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Do any of you know the origin of PISTE? STAUBER?
I would like to add one other expression to the Slavic-Yiddish lexicon:
PROSTE PUSHET. Proste in Ukrainian or Ruthenian, means simple or common.
Pushet, from the Hebrew PASHUT, also means simple or common.
Combining the two words together gave them extra emphasis.

Shabbat Shalom,


> Dear Hardy,
> Who is the president of the authentic Yiddish Committee ?
> I did not tell you that no matter that at the Fabriksgasse one used to sp=
> Czernowitzer Deutsch (als Umgangssprache), at home at least until the age=
> 4-5 we spoke Yiddish. In addition please bear in mind that during the fi=
> Soviet occupation (1940-1941) I attended the "Yiddishe Mittelshul Nimmer
> Finef" on the Austriaplatz, across the street from the NKVD prison. Sinc=
e I
> not only had to study Yiddish grammar and literature, the teaching langua=
> for Algebra, Zoology, Chemistry, etc. was Yiddish.
> My Yiddish teacher, used to even explain the difference between Litvisch
> Yiddish, Galizianer/ Warshever, Bukowiner and Bessarabisch Yiddish.
> So now, would you recommend me to become the president of the authentic
> Yiddish Committee ?
> Ich wuensche uns alle: "Andere Sorgen sollen wir nicht mehr haben".
> Regards, Abraham K.

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