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My late father told me that he had been told by his grandfather that
there was a time when the non-Jews would stop and doff their caps to the
Cz Uber Rebbe when they passed him in the street; and in similar
fashion the Yiddim would stop and give a little bow to the Bishop when
he passed by. Happier days.


Miriam Taylor wrote:

>Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>
>Non-Jews who lived close to Jews, or worked for them,
>spoke fluent Yiddish, just as Jews often spoke fluent Ruthenian.
>It was very much a multilingual society.
>Helen, If you want to know whether your grandfather was Jewish,
>you could write to the archives in Chernivtsi and obtain a copy
>of his birth certificate.
>Birth certificates of the Austrian Period, contain information
>from which you might deduce the religion of your grandfather's parents.
>>Pe data de Tue, 1 Jul 2008 10:41:58 -0700
>>"Helene Spacek" <> scris-a:
>>>My grandfather, Lorenz Kopecki, who came from Czernowitz, to Canada, in
>>>1911 or so, spoke fluent Yiddish and 12 other languages. He was a Brick
>>>Mason and traveled all over Europe (while still living there). He was about
>>>26 years old when they left for Canada. We still don't know if he himself
>>>was Jewish like his wife. So, I have a question. Would someone who is not
>>>Jewish speak fluent Yiddish?
>>Ummm... Colin Powell is known to be able to speak fluent Yiddish..
>>>Helene Spacek
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