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> Hi all,
> I just joined the cz group and have been delighted
> with
> many of your posts. In my minds eye, I can see my
> grandmother who hailed from cz. I have a question
> that maybe someone can answer. My great grandmother
> came to the US as a widow in 1909 with 5 children.
> My
> grandmother
> was already here for 3 years. I have not been able
> to
> learn the first name of my great grandfather. Having
> only
> started on this journey a few months ago, I'm a
> novice!
> The last name was Rathsprecher and I assume he died
> about a year prior to their leaving Czernowitz. I
> have the address for the Archive in Chernivtsi, but
> for what records should I ask? Thanks in advance,
> Susan Chamish
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