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Dear All
Of course Dr. Danny is more than right, and I think this racist chatter is
not becoming a group as ours. One of my uncles converted in the 19th century
to Catholic faith and married a gentile woman in order to get a higher
position in Vienna. The Nazis checked his background and annihilated him and
his son.
  Yosef Eshet (Jerry Wolf), Raanana, Israel

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> Just a short comment regarding our genes. We share 80% of our DNA with
> wheat
> and at least 98% with chimpanzees, so I personally don't find looking into
> our DNA very promising. We'd therefore better concentrate on our history,
> language, habits and memories...
> Danny
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> About Bukowina or Bucovina Jews being spread all over the globe
> and about us carrying with us the unwritten history of our people,
> the language, the habits , the memories of good and bad times,
> I agree completely.
> The Khazars have vanished, as have the ancient Romans, but their
> genes live on in their descendants, the people who live between
> the Black and the Caspian seas. If someone wanted to compare DNA,
> they could. Anyhow, what was so great about the Khazars?
> Bukowina Jews do share DNA with Sephardi Jews, in fact the first
> Jews to settle in the Bukowina, when it was a Turkish province,
> Were Sephardi Jews. All Jews share some DNA with all other Jews,
> but also with Arab Palestinians and with Poles, Czechs, Austrians,
> Russians and Ukrainians, among whom they lived. That is where
> the blue eyes come from. The Khazars were Turkic people
> and only the albinos among them, had blue eyes.
> Wir sind nicht RASSENREIN (racially pure), just as well,
> we are HYBRIDS, chosen for hybrid vigor.
> Mimi
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