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Hello friends,
Have just returned from a trip, only to find a rich variety of topics in
our daily discussion forum.

- Hello _Jonny_, am the niece of Martin (Mocca) Meerbaum, good friend of
your parents and aunt Dita, I was in Caracas in 1966 for the first time
and met all of them, you included, but you were a small boy at the time.
Have met Dita and Salo several times. Welcome to the group.

- It is more likely that Manes comes from Emmanuel, the accent is on
the first sylable for Muniu - Manès as in French is probably adapted for
French pronounciation- Emanuel Feuermann, a famous cellist from
Kolomea, was also called Muniu.

- Edgar Hilsenrath lives in Berlin, he has written three other books
which were highly praised and for which he received a lot of literary
 _Nacht_ - (Night) - about his memories of Transnistria, the second,
_Das Märchen vom letzten Gedanken -_ (the Tale of the last thoughts)
about the crimes committed by Turks against the Armenians at the
beginning of the
last century - in Armenia he is considered a national hero for writing
this book.
The third, which was his first novel, - _Der Nazi und der Friseur_ -
(The Nazi and the Hairdresser) - of which a movie is being made.

- Dr. Zalozeckyii - our parents were well acquainted - after his death
in Bucharest, his wife emigrated to Israel together with her son, who
lives in Israel.

- Florescu - in Romania there were many Jewish Florescus, romanized from

 - And thank goodness we have Hardy, who always goes to the point - and
is most up-to-date.

 - Dear Bruce - don't you think that most contributions do have a
historical framework? From the turn of the last century to the WWII?

Last but not least - there is one address where Popovici definitely was
present - it is in the City Hall, das Rathaus - they should be proud of
him, too.


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