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I'm afraid you overstated Prof. Chargaff's recognition. In fact, he may be better known for
having been excluded from winning the 1962 Nobel Prize with Watson and Crick. Here is what
appears to be the original source of the article you quoted, copied mostly from this original


Shabbat Shalom,


--- Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu> wrote:

> One of the two streets, on which we at present, would be allowed
> to place a memorial plaque to Traian Popovici, already has a plaque
> to a famous Czernowitzer. He is Nobel prize winner Erwin Chargaff
> Here some excerpts about him from Wikipedia:
> > Chargaff was born in Czernowitz on August 11, 1905, Bukowina,
> > Austria, which is now Chernovtsy , Ukraine.[1] Chargaff had a
> > difficult time deciding whether he would pursue science or philology
> > as a career: he had a natural gift for languages, and over the course
> > of his life he would learn 15. His American colleagues recalled that
> > he could speak English better than they could.[1]
> >
> > He had published 30 papers by the time he reached 30 years of age.[1]
> > Honors awarded to him include the Pasteur Medal (1949) and the
> > National Medal of Science (1974).
> Mimi

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