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Familiar with the hebrew expression Czernoschwizerim?

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Absolutely not, Czernowitzers were never considered as Romanians.
Not in Israel, not by Romanians, not by immigrants from Poland,
or Hungary, or Germany and certainly not by ourselves.
Nor did we have a reputations as "ganuvim".
Our reputation was strictly as conceited snobs, and what snobs!
Whatever we did, we did well. "Wenn schon denn schon"
So, even at being eingebildet, we were hoch eingebildet.

This is true not only of old-time Czernowitzers, or Jewish
On previous trips to Chernivtsi and to the southern Bucovina,
I talked to people who live there now and discovered, that this
is one thing that has not changed.

A woman in a small village near Putna, told me that people
 from the Bucovina are better educated, more industrious, cleaner,
and much better farmers.


> The Ganev was reserved to the Russians: Fonie Ganev.
> " Rumenischer Ganev " is an Israeli defamatory attribute
> for Rumanian Jews .
> The claim was that all Rumanian Jews were thieves.
> In this respect we Czernowitzer were considered Rumanians.
> Hardy

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