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Dear Jessica,

It's always nice to here from you.
This time , it's really surprizing. Why?
Because my maternal grandmother's name was Mina Brandes!
And yes, I am very much interested in the Brandes connections. ( Moshe
Brandes from Israel said he's not related)

My Mina is obviously a different person from your Mina.
My grandmother was born 1869-70 and married , about 1899, my grandfather
Salomon Kraemer.
I know she had 2 sisters: Berta and Lotti Brandes. I believe there were also
1-2 brothers. One brother ( or fist grade cousin?) was a quite well-known
buildings- contractor (Baumeister).
In the family , they talked about "many elegant streets" this Herr Brandes
had built in Czernowitz, probably in the 1920-30 years. His son, Martin
Brandes, was also a Construction engineer . He then lived in Israel.

Best regards,
Irene, Haifa

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Subject: [Cz-L] Brandes family?

I am searching for possible family of Mina BRANDES, daughter of Jossel
Brandes and his wife Meniche (possibly I am spelling this incorrectly). Mina
married my uncle Leon Falikman. Leon was born in 1888, and a date I have for
Mina is 1897, which might have been her date of birth. Leon was born in
Czernowitz, and they most likely married and lived there according to
records I have.

Moshe Brandes wrote two years ago that he and his father were both born in
Czernowitz, left from 1935 until 1940 to live in Bucharest, and then
returned to Czernowitz after Russian annexation -- leaving again in 1945 for
Israel where they remain. But unfortunately he did not mention a connection
with Mina or her father Jossel Brandes, so I presume he does not know of

I would appreciate any further information re: BRANDES families, as this may
turn out to be the only potential still-living connection with my father
(Misha Falikman) and his family.

thank you. -- Jessica Falikman Attiyeh, San Diego, CA

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