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Dear Ervin,
  From your mail I can see that you are savvy with Czernowitzer witchcraft.
    As you should know "Gitoyg " Git Oyg ( Good Eye ) was actually the
opposite of
     the Aynahore ( the Ayn Hara from Hebrew for Bad Eye.)
      The Aynahore was so devastating that even the spelling of the word
       be avoided . So to be on the safe side we used a Gitoyg.
       The sayings you mention were used in the" upleschn in Koilen or in
        " Upleschen " means extiguish and Koilen is coal.
        You took some burning coals from the oven and poured some water on
        As a result a lot of steam went up and a hissing noise emanated.
         Then ,and only then ,would you say the magic words:
           "Drei Weiber sitzen af a Stein..."
              For minor cases wax was used.
              You melted wax in a metal container and then poured some water
on top.
               The wax settled in a certain form and the witch with her
expert eye could
                 discern the cause of the Bad Eye and then extract it
                    Wax was used in mild cases and not so effective as coal.
                          Voodoo in Czernowitz.
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> Reading about Dr Wiesenthal was an emotional experience for me. This
> little boy's ear infection in 1942 was massive and may have led to a
> premature visit with his ancestors but for the good doctor's intervention.
> I have not read all of the emails but I wander if we covered clinical
> medicine.
> My Mother assured us that many physiological as well as psychological
> ailments are the result of a GITOYK and that the proper clinical treatment
> of a gitoyk (spelled gitoyg) is to recite the following:
> Drei vaber zitsen of ein shtein
> Eine zugt: siz a gitoyk
> Die ondered zugt: nein
> Die driter zugt: fin vonen 'siz gekimen, ahien zol es gein
> pou, pou, pou (spit three times on the floor)
> Three ladies sit on one stone
> one says, it is the evil eye
> the other says, no
> the third says, from whence it came thither should it go
> Ervin

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