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I am inquiring if anyone has heard in their family's traditions of the following Hassidic figures who figured prominently in the history of Bukovina:

1: The Hager Rabbis of Radauti (Radovitz) namely Rabbi Josef Alter Hager

2: A great Tzadik (or holy man) called Rabbi Shmelke of Sereth (Siret) or (Reb Schmelke Sereter). He was a grandson of Rabbi Sholom of Belz and was also a son in law of the aforementioned Rabbi Hager.

3: Rabbi Moses Josef Rubin of Campulung-Moldevenesc.

4: Rabbi Abraham Uscher Rubin of Kitzman (Kotzman)

5: Rabbi Meshulam Roth of Cernauti (Chernovitz)

I am also searching for where (and if) there are any newspaper archives from the Bukovina starting from the late 19th century going all the way until WWII.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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