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Here is something my late father, Yehudi David Fichman, had to say
about this issue on his September 7, 1995, interview / Shoah project

“It’s interesting to know that at that time, in Czernowitz =
when my
parents came [1921 or 22], most of the commerce was in the hand of
Jewish people. It was a, Czernowitz was before WW2, 1918 when WW2 [sic.
– means WWI] ended, was a province of Austria and there was a very =
. . . and the Austrian government, especially the Kaiser Franz Josef,
was a very liberal government and many Jews were quite well established
in town. The Jewish, the Jews which lived from before in Czernowitz,
some of them were wealthy, they had businesses, they, many of them,
some of them were bank managers; there were doctors Jews, and so on. In
essence they were the upper middle class.”

He was born in Lipcani, but his family came to Czernowitz when he was a
small child, and so his first memories were of Czernowitz.

Eytan Fichman

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Considering the depth of expertise of this group, let me ask you a
question (or two?) 
I went over the list of small businesses in Bucovina to get a feel for
what people were doing early in the Twentieth Century. There are some
900 entries20and I am hard pressed to find any non Jewish names. This is
not advertised as a list of "Jewish" businesses. Should I draw the
obvious conclusion. On a more personal note, there are two Spinner
entries in Czernowitz, one is clearly my grandfather Nuchim Spinner,
the other, E. Spinner could be my grandmother. There are very few
entries where the first name is simply an initial. Does anybody know
why an initial would be used. Is there another data base somewhere
where I could corroborate this entry, if not, I will simply claim E.
Spinner as my bubby. 
Ervin Spinner

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