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Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 14:52:36 -0400
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In reply to both of Hardy's messages:
I am not concerned with how the designer creates the design.
I specify the inscription, the size of the plaque, the size of the letters,
the general look, decorative elements included or not, portrait included or
not. He has sent me one initial design, I made some changes, sent him the
portrait of Popovici and now wait for him to send me more possible designs.

When we agree on a specific design, he takes it to Mr. Melnyk and the
architectural committee of the city and if they approve, he has the plaque
made. The city puts it on the specified building.
Hopefully it will all be done by mid-October.

Please do not write me more on this subject, except to tell me where I can
get a high resolution photograph of Popovici wearing a regular hat, as he
was shown in the proposal by Anatoly Piantkovski.

I am very busy with other things, and this project should be accomplished


> Mimi,
> By the way , with today computer wizardry, graphics are done by the
> computer ,plaque maker must have appropriate programs..
> You specify your parameters :Font size , Plate size ,Margins and
> whatever.
> The computer will come up with previews .(or tell you it's a no go)
> The previous post was just to prove it was possible.
> Hardy
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