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Dear Paula,

I don't recognise your parents' names I am afraid. However, there is a
wonderful tool on the ehpes web site called "Czernowitz Street Name
Translator". This gives: Romanian Turceasca, German Türkengasse, Ukrainian

The street drops down from the Landhausgasse to the old "Jiddische Gasse"
area of the town. Look on the 1907 map on this link
in squares k 10-12.

Maybe someone will have a photo of the street.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: [Cz-L] help NEUMAN at #6 Turceasca 1941

>I was born in Czernowitz in March, 1938...My Popovici permit lists our
> of residence as # 6 Turceasca November 12, 1941...My Father, Simon Neuman
> (married to Etka Strum), owned a fine mens' shop on the Herrengasse...it
> appears that some of the pre WWII street names have been changed..Is there
> anyone on our Cz-L who can recognizes either the above address or my
> Father's name? I would be most appreciative if the experts among who are
> familiar with the layout of the city could help me out.
> Many Thanks. Paula

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