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  Of course that the Ukraineans have the right to do in Czernowitz what they
    And they use that right. They dont need our approval.
     All we can do is object . Should we shut up ?
   Until the end of the Soviet regime there was an excuse : Moscow ruled,
Moscow decided.
     For almost 20 years it is Ukrainean hegemony.No more excuses.
       If they acquiesce that the Temple continues serving as a clothes
bazaar it is
        their doing. Must we be silent too ?
         It will not change much but let them know how we feel.
           If they care how we feel.
             What can be done ? We can talk, write - not very effectively.
           The Czernowitz population of today ?
               If they wanted , they could boycott the Zhovten .
             You can see the Harry Potter film elsewhere.
                And buy your undies on Golovna.
                One week of boycott would be enough.
                    They wont do it .
                            You know why ?
                     You know why...

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> Dear Berti and all members of the Cz.-List,
> I agree with Berti's ideas, as to what we should and should not
> expect from the city of Chernivtsi;
> We, and/or our parents and grandparents lived there once, but we do not
> live
> there any longer. The current inhabitants of the city have the right
> to decide how to celebrate this anniversary and it seems quite sensible,
> to highlight the agreement signed by Alexandru cel Bun with the Polish
> merchants, since it is this document which is the basis for the
> anniversary
> celebrations.
> Nor should we blame the public display of this document, on Ukrainian
> chauvinism. Alexandru cel Bun was a Moldavian/Romanian prince.
> When I looked for memorial plaques on the city streets, I found among
> others, one to Eliezer Steinbarg, one to Sidi Tal, to Moshe Altman,
> to Ciprian Purumbescu, to Eminescu, to Erwin Chargaff, all of these either
> Jews or Romanians. There is a monument to Paul Celan. If the current
> inhabitants of Chernivtsi, were so self-centered and xenophobic as some
> would have us believe, they would not have put up these plaques.
> There is in Chernivtsi a street named after Sholem Aleichem, another named
> after Eliezer Steinbarg. (This last one, may be new, I saw it now on my
> last
> visit, but do not find it on the "ehpes" street translator.) There is also
> a street named after Popovici. This is not disregard for Jewish culture or
> history.
> Mimi
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