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   The Ringplatz Poster.

    The 1408 poster exposed on the North wall of the Ringplatz
 is the first written document in which the name of Czernowitz
  appears and is therefore considered as its birth certificate .
  Czernowitz may (or may not) have existed much earlier
   but it cannot be certified. So let's stick to 1408.
    It was signed by Lemberg tradesmen and Alexandru the Good
      Voyevod of Moldova. Voyevod means Conductor of Wars.
        Alexandru had a big beard.
       Alexandru the Good was followed by
       Alexandru the Bad who was followed by
       Alexandru the Ugly . Then came
       Clint Eastwood and then
       Ely Wallach .
          This ended the first dynasty of voyevods ever to rule Bukovina.
         If the Lemberg tradesmen were Jews or had jewish connections ?
        This has yet to be clarified .
           It is all written on that wall on the Ringplatz.
          Next time I am there, I climb a ladder to the relevant para.
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