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I am told that there is a list member in chernivtsi. Maybe she could talk to
the headmaster of school no.24 and tell us what happened????? cornel

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20 Pupils from Chernivtsi Clean the Jewish Cemetery

20 pupils from Chernivtsi school No 24 expressed their desire to clean the
historic and cultural resort territory "Cemeteries in Zelena Street". They
followed the appeal of international volunteer service that has been working

there for a few weeks.

Pupils of 9-11th forms have their rest in the rest-and-work camp "Veselka".
They will work at the cemetery till afternoon. Administration of the
cemeteries has supplied them with necessary instruments.

Volunteers hope that this beginning will be supported by teenagers from
other city schools.

This is the official City Hall announcement . So heartwarming , so
surprising .

  Administration has supplied necessary instruments.Now it turns out to be
untrue .

   Perhaps they worked at the wrong cemetery ?

So what now ? Will we let such a golden opportunity pass by ?

   So nobody showed up and the announcement was a hoax.

    But thousands of readers do not know this - they believe it is true.

     City Hall thought it was a good idea .

    The effect this action came to create, is there.

     In my oppinion we send a thank- you letter to the Headmaster and to
the 20 pupils. (School No 24 ).

   And a big plate.

        The most important thing is that the announcement was there and that

somebody at City Hall thought that it was a good idea.

       And thousands of readers who acclaim this action .

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