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Hi hardy, Sorry,but this time i very much disagree. No matter what the
language they are still jews...and k&k rule stopped in 1918, so the current
younger generation obviously do not speak german. Also,i was at the
holocaust memorial event at the cemetery ,organised by rav kofmanski a
couple of years ago and there was a large number of young people present who
were not imported just for the occasion. The synagogue renovation being
carried out by rav Glitzenstein would not be going ahead if there were not
enough jews!! These things very much qualify as"jewish activities"....and we
need to support them,not discard them as"old,sick,poor" !!!! cornel

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Cornel, Jerry,
  The current Jewish population are :
   Old , sick , poor and in their vast majority not of the German speaking
     The younger generation left .
    Their involvement in jewish activities is very poor.
      In the Temple, Museum, Cemetery ,Popovici issues we did not hear their

        As if jewish Czernowitz conservation was not of their concern.
       The" very active " Brauhausgasse Synagogue can hardly manage to scrap
        together a Mynyan. I know this first hand.
        The Jewish life concentrates on the Habad and Or Haner who do
welfare work.
        When we alerted them on the found jewish gravestones on the
          excavation ,until somebody went to look, the stones were thrown
          This is my impression.
            I wish I was wrong.

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